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Laima - Women’s healthcare

Appointment quick fix

Picking up a phone and calling your doctor’s clinic for an appointment is too much work for an app savvy generation.

With Doc N Me, you can view your doctor’s availability and book an appointment in the same screen within seconds.

Between your job, college, and social life, you’d probably need a reminder to ever set a reminder for an appointment.

Don’t worry – we’ll remind you of your appointment 24 hours in advance, and then 3 hours before you have to see your doctor, just so you know when to get going.

Laima - Women’s healthcare

Paperless Visits

With only 24 hours in a day, who even has the time to file every prescription, every test report and every piece of paper your doctor has ever given you.

Wouldn’t it be great to have an app where your own doctor maintains and updates this information for you? Look no further, ladies.

We’re that app. All the information your doctor will need for your next appointment, the one after that and then the next one after that is magically stored on to our servers.

Impressive, we know!

Laima - Women’s healthcare

Lazy Consultation

Don’t you hate it when you have to drive 10 kms, wait in line with a dozen people, only to tell your doctor that you don’t know what to do about your migraine, or that your blood panel looks completely normal?

For the sake of your fuel, time and sanity, we promise you – you’ll never have to visit your doctor for a one-line question or a follow up again.

You can now consult your doctor while you’re very busy being lazy on the couch.

Laima - Women’s healthcare

Treatments Reminder

If you’re someone who doesn’t even remember where you put your keys, forget about taking three different tablets at three different times in the day.

You’ve come to the right place. Once your doctor tells us when you need that ultrasound, how many times a day you need to take those pills, we’ll take over.

You can go about your day like you normally do, and we’ll only bother you when you need to do something you cannot procrastinate, for your own health.

Laima - Women’s healthcare

No more Dr.Google

Have you lost count of the number of times Google told you that sneezing when you’re pregnant means you have to rush to the hospital right away ?

Don’t you wish you could get the right advice, from your own doctor instead of looking all over the internet for the solution to your woes?

We understand this, and that is why we bring to you customized, relevant information your doctor approves of and wants you to know about your condition.

It’s time to say goodbye to Dr. Google after all.